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We Present:  The Train Project

Thursday, May 7th, we demoed our train project in Senior Software Design Project.

The following are some photos and movies from that day.

First, the illustrious Team 1, aka the Trainspotters:

David, Elliot, Yasmine, Erin

The setup:

Two little trains:

And here we demo the C requirement for the project, one train running on the track along a selected route.  You can hear David narrating with some side explanation by Elliot and myself.

Here's the hand control:

And our illustrious Development Manager operating the hand control:

So here is us running the B requirement, which is one train running, using the hand control:

This is what our user control panel looked like, at least a cursory view:

So here's the biggie, us demoing the A requirement, which is two trains.  One train is automated, the other is being operated by the hand control.  We had a few issues:

And here, the train gets lost:

I don't recall what the professor said here, but it must have been amusing.  At any rate, it's a very cute picture of my team.  And there was no other reason why I took this picture.  None whatsoever.

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