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02 June 2009 @ 10:54 pm
Drag Me to Hell  

Aight.  I'm posting this publicly because it should be generally known that when it comes to Sam Raimi horror flicks, geogre is my own personal expert and his expertise is fun enough to share.

Hey, boo?  Should I go see Drag Me to Hell?  If so, why?

(This from the girl who just went to see Star Trek for the FOURTH time.)
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Flirty By Naturegeogre on June 3rd, 2009 03:55 pm (UTC)
Well first I should preface this by saying you either like Sam Raimi horror movies or you don't. If you do, then my work is done and you know you have to go see it. If you don't, then well you probably think the 3 Stooges are stupid and sophomoric and there's just no hope for you.

If you're unsure which category you're in, here's some things that might help you decide:

1) This is Sam's first horror movie in 17 years. If you allow Army of Darkness to even remotely be classified as such. If not, then 22 years.

2) In 22 years, he's acquired a budget (those spider-guy movies and all). So the bodily fluids and makeup and demons are now mostly CG instead spirit gum, latex, and Karo syrup. But he's lost none of his humor, ideas, or techniques.

3) Raimi still loves to torment his actors in horror movies. Alison Lohman, while not having quite the "eye-take" of Bruce Campbell, clearly enjoys the abuse from the sheer volume of things that attack... her face/mouth. This movie should really be titled "What haven't I dumped on Alison's face yet?" And the movie is better for it!

4) The SOUND. Raimi understands one thing very well in horror and that's that sound can scare us more than anything. And the alternating of real loud with real quiet sets us scenes quite well. Remember the pattern LOUD, quiet, scare, funny and you'll roll through the movie.

5) I saw this film with actually a large group of people (a pleasant surprise!) who obviously didn't know what they were watching. They were unsure of laughing in the early parts. Interestingly to me, the film broke right before the climax which allowed everyone a second to discuss the movie. Amongst themselves, across aisles, heck across the theatre. One girl behind me summed up Raimi horror perfectly "It's like every time I want to be scared, something retardedly funny happens right after!" After this consensus was reached and the film resumed, there was a noticeable difference in audience reactions. They laughed, cheered, jeered. And still enjoyed themselves all the way into the parking lot.

6) This movie has a goat. I only wish the HIMYM goat was half as cool as this goat story. A girl in the audience shouted upon seeing the goat "Oh we are SO doing THIS!"

7) Raimi takes an almost complete break from the horror to show us another kind of horror altogether. That of meeting your boyfriend (Justin Long as a Mac)'s unapproving parents for dinner. Scary!

8) The Oldsmobile Delta-88 is still in the movie! As is the Shake-O-Cam!

9) This movie will teach you: not to disapprove loan extensions to old people, to fight off old ladies inside a car, what not to do at gypsy funerals, surprisingly facts about flies, the real reason to keep cats around the house, goats are awesome, demons just want to dance, it always rains when you dig up graves, and Justin Long can't get the girl in any movie possibly b/c he's a computer.

10) This movie does have this weird subplot of our heroine was once a big girl but is no more (presumably to diet, exercise, hard work, and determination). The stress of going to hell in 3 days seems to break down her diet defenses and she eats alot of ice cream in times of stress when the demon allows her a break. Heck I don't blame her.
Flirty By Naturegeogre on June 6th, 2009 01:45 am (UTC)
And it's 93% Fresh. Only 2% behind your beloved Star Trek!
Wiseacreewin on June 6th, 2009 04:34 am (UTC)
I saw that and was impressed! Very!