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Paul Rudd Interviews Jon Hamm

Someone over at ontd_startrek passed me this link earlier.

Paul Rudd interviews Jon Hamm.  If the title alone does not transmit to your brain the immediate information that you must go and read this RIGHT NOW because it's liable to be HILARIOUS, then allow me to provide a sample.

PR: What's your favorite animal?

JH: What's the one with the neck?

PR: Um . . .

JH: The monkey. Love 'em.

PR: I was going to say sloth. But, of course, it's a monkey. If you had a monkey, what would you name it?

JH: Steve. Unless it was a girl, in which case I would name it Charlie.

PR: Charlie. I like that. That's so fun.

JH: Why wouldn't you name it that? Especially if you had a monkey.

PR: There are plenty of girls named Charlie.
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