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You know, I haven't really done a lot of hooting nor hollering about the health care thing.

Nor do I consider myself a Republican anymore... after the nastiness of the last election, I've said I was an Independent.

But damned if I don't apparently still identify as a Republican.

Because my flist (and my Twitter, and my Facebook, and and and) is just chock full of people lecturing what-feels-like-me on how I should shut up, and how wrong I was, and how I should suck it up, etc. etc. etc. etc. ad fucking eternum.

And, dude.

I'm just sitting here!  I didn't even say anything to anybody!

I'm just, you know, drinking my tea.  Waking up.  Feeding the cats.  Looking at the health bill stuff and wondering if this means I'll ever get a pap smear again.  I swear, I'm harmless!  Ye olde toothless Republican, as it were!

Guh.  Time to take my own advice again.  This is not my crap.  This is not about me.
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