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Hate speech used in online gaming



(Link from babykid528)

I can't help but feel that this is to be expected.  Hate speech carries an emotional weight these days that out-does more conventional forms of profanity.  So when you want to say something offensive right before you digitally cap a mofo, what do you say?

Curbing all aggressive impulses and outlawing these types of games is one solution, but not one I subscribe to.  There are societies in which aggression is strictly curbed from childhood on.  Ours isn't one of them -- on the continuum from pacifist to intensely warlike, I'd say we rest somewhere in the middle.  But strangely enough, we happen to be one of the more diverse societies in the world.  Combine our population's diversity with its level of aggression, most of which is expressed in legally-protected verbal form... and you're left with a whole heap of hate speech.

The more we demonize it, the more offensive and hence more powerful it becomes.

I say the general public at large should stop trying so hard to legitimize tamer forms of profanity.  Let the FCC do its thing, let it be even stricter about language.  Quit calling "arbitrary" and "stupid" over the arbitrary and stupid rules they impose, and let cussing in public be frowned upon.

I should note that I'm guilty of this myself; I tend to think profanity is funny more often than not, but the fact is, some portion of the language must be set aside as offensive talk, and I'd just as soon it be arbitrarily chosen nonsense words than a new wave of bigoted speech.

(Three hundred years from now, calling someone a "bigot" will be the filthiest, nastiest thing anybody can think of, but nobody will know the literal meaning of it anymore.)
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