Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

Lots of abortion thingies recently

Le sigh.

I did see the quote from Justin Beiber today... what strikes me most of all is the fact that his stance on abortion is less hypocritical and more principled than the stance of the various GOP bills that have been popping into the legislative body recently.

I'm about ten years pro-choice now.

I always understood and had a certain amount of respect for the viewpoint that a fetus is a baby, and that therefore abortion is a homicide.  But the official stance of the Republican bloc, with its emphasis on just exactly what kind of rape merits an abortion, is despicable.  If you're working from the standpoint of protecting infants, then you can't turn around and say that only the children born of rape deserve to die.  Putting rape exclusions into these laws appears merciful from a glance, but all it really does is reveal the underlying motive:  to punish citizens for HSWF (having sex while female).  To use babies punitively.  This is not a principled stance, it's a vindictive one.

Either be pro-choice or pro-life, but pick your side based on who you want to save, not who you want to burn.

Justin, while phrasing his reasons badly, has a more defensible position than half the country.
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