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If you haven't seen it on Facebook, someone took Obamacare top to bottom and explained the pieces of the bill and the motivations behind each piece.

It's a great read.

My conclusions:

Ah.  THIS would be the post I've been waiting to see.  Thank you.  Yes, it's a sympathetic description of the bill, but it's also pretty comprehensive and explains the motives behind each part, and the motives make sense.

Money quote right here:
In 2014, "If you can afford insurance but do not get it, you will be charged a fee. This is the 'mandate' that people are talking about. Basically, it's a trade-off for the 'pre-existing conditions' bit, saying that since insurers now have to cover you regardless of what you have, you can't just wait to buy insurance until you get sick. Otherwise no one would buy insurance until they needed it. You can opt not to get insurance, but you'll have to pay the fee instead, unless of course you're not buying insurance because you just can't afford it."

That explains it much better.

There are quite a few things I disagree with (the thing about McDonald's is pure singling-out, and the bit about tanning beds is frankly ridiculous), and more things that I think will cause more issues than they solve.  But there's also a lot in here that addresses abuses in the insurance industry that have NEEDED to be addressed for a very, very long time.

Insurance as a concept is still a massive mess (I still await the day when the profit model is based upon making people well, rather than keeping sick people from getting needed care), but disassembling insurance from top to bottom is a pipe dream for now.

Oh, and stop squabbling and poking at each other, would everybody please?  It's a HUGE change, and it's not all going to go as well as some of you think it will, neither will it be as disastrous as some of you think it will.  It's a government act.  Loopholes will be found all over the place, and the bill will turn into a book.  New administrations will change things.  There will be horror stories and wonderful stories.  It'll be big, and messy, and a lot of it will seem (or end up being) impossible to implement.

Hopefully it'll help.
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