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  • Thu, 12:52: RT @Stacy_Mars: Husband asked me what gift I'd like for carrying and birthing his child. I had to think about it. Would a large hadron c ...
  • Thu, 12:57: Dove wrapper: "Clear your mind, and enjoy this moment." *deep breath* Ahhhh. *breathe out* That was nice. WELL, BACK TO BEING MISERABLE NOW.
  • Thu, 12:58: Last night I went through and organized my craft/art supplies and realized... Wow. I am a VERY ambitious and TERRIBLY unaccomplished artist.
  • Thu, 12:59: Two huge tackle boxes and one small (polymer clay, paint, chalk, pencils, beads), two chests of yarn, another big container of sewing stuff.
  • Thu, 13:34: I just remembered a Reldni game called Vinnie's Tomb. Last time I played it was fifteen years ago maybe? Worst. Game. Ever. And my favorite.
  • Thu, 13:34: RT @afartherroom: @ewinbee sometimes I just stare at my paints and wish I'd channeled my lack of ambition into something less intimidating.
  • Thu, 18:26: RT @OMGFacts: The secret formula for Coca-Cola is kept in a bank vault in Atlanta & only 2 Coke executives can know it at one time-& ...
  • Thu, 18:27: What do they do when one of the two executives is terminated or retired? Kill him?
  • Thu, 19:22: Kinda random: does anybody know what the Stereolab song "Suggestion Diabolique" means? It seems to be clearly referring to someone specific.
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