Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

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  • Sun, 19:53: Dear Every Retailer Ever: I would rather try on swimsuits than try to find shoes, and that is SAYING SOMETHING. I hate you all.
  • Sun, 19:53: Nobody carries wide-widths in the actual store. Just ordered a bunch from Zappo's. Hope they fit. *sniffle*
  • Sun, 19:57: Zappos also apparently has a merciful return policy. *sniffle* I HAVE MONEY. WHY DON'T YOU WANT MY MONEY, ALL YOU SHOE PEOPLE EXCEPT ZAPPOS?
  • Sun, 20:50: I should note: this whole shoe fiasco is why I've spent the last year repeatedly epoxying the heels back onto my 10-year-old boots.
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