Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

Retweets and quotes

I've developed a twitter-based pet peeve, that's causing me to unfollow some people, celebs in particular and those with large followings:

If you retweet someone who disagrees with you about something, I get immediately irritated.

I've always understood the impulse of popular bloggers and celebs to bring hecklers out into the light, particularly in cases of egregious abuse:  if most of your readers aren't aware of the fact that one of your controversial essays actually resulted in horrifying harassment and death threats, then those things need to be brought out, and even quoted.  Feminist blogs in particular get hate-comments that run to extreme.  I can understand quoting someone in public who threatened to kill or rape you for expressing your opinion.  Many decent people get cloistered away from the general tone of the internet, and a reminder now and then of just how risky it is to speak out on something is warranted.  It may even be legally helpful, later.

But when you make a statement online that irritates people, and scads of them tell you so, and you go retweeting or blog-quoting them for... what reason, exactly?  To humiliate them for being mean to you?  To show all your "good" fans how hard you have it?  To bring the smackdown from those who agree with you?  ... I do not like, I do not want, and you need to go away now.

It's somehow worse when it's done without any context.  Just, "Here, this is what people are saying to me.  See?  See?!"  SEE WHAT?  What am I supposed to do about it?

I feel like some internet celebrities are making me privy to their daily annoyances, and while I sympathize, I also didn't sign up to live their annoyances along with them.  Nor do I want to listen to them argue with people.  If I wanted that, I'd read comment sections:  a thing I deliberately do not do.

This kind of thing seems to be getting more prevalent on twitter.
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