Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

My tweets

  • Tue, 13:02: Sometimes when I type the word "queue" I get carried away and just start typing "queueueueueueueueueueueueueueue..."
  • Tue, 14:09: A new My Bloody Valentine album, and a new Buke and Gase album. This is officially my month. (MBV in February? I C WUT U DID THAR.)
  • Tue, 15:30: http://t.co/eGmYepQg "Zachary Quinto and His Eyebrows Are in Town"
  • Tue, 15:30: I can't go and see it because I am Responsible and because I have a LDR which means I have No Traveling Money That Isn't Already Spoken For.
Tags: twitter
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