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27 July 2013 @ 08:00 am
My tweets  
  • Fri, 23:09: At the Guster, Ben Folds Five, and Barenaked Ladies concert...
  • Fri, 23:10: Currently, the warmup opener, who is funny.
  • Fri, 23:10: "What else is a cat's testicles, but kittens in a bag?"
  • Fri, 23:11: "I saw the face of Jesus in my cornflakes this morning, what was he drinking last night..."
  • Fri, 23:14: They are now performing while bouncing on one leg.
  • Fri, 23:33: They jazzed up the Airport Song!
  • Sat, 00:38: Phiiiilooooooooosooooooopheeeeeee #benfoldsfive
  • Sat, 01:35: Also, my bf and I have become That Couple. You know, the ones making out in public? Yeah. That's us.
  • Sat, 01:35: Insane ending to the #benfoldsfive set... made up song!