Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

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  • Mon, 15:34: Officially and nastily sick today. Working anyway. That always makes me feel so very grownup and hardcore. (No, I'm not at the office.)
  • Mon, 15:36: One of these days, I'm going to see myself behaving like an adult about something and it will finally no longer be a shock to me.
  • Mon, 15:41: RT @GingerWildheart: Okay, where the HELL do I buy one of these?!? https://t.co/FdEt3oUDZh
  • Mon, 15:44: And another thing: not only do I feel ready for the holiday to arrive this year, I'm actually looking forward to shopping. #whoami #notewin
  • Mon, 19:52: Ewin Memory: knowing exactly where you first heard every single song on your iPod, but forgetting the name of someone you've met five times.
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