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08 April 2004 @ 03:58 pm
Oh, Christmas Tree, oh, Christmas Tree... Ho-ow dare you stare at meee...  
Little Ewin-Lou Who, who was no more than two:

Ewin-Lou Who said, "Why, Livejournal, why?"
"Why aren't you e-mailing my comments, why?"

But the Livejournal crew was so smart and so slick
They thought up an excuse, and they thought it up quick

"Our servers are taxed," the Livejournal team 'scused,
"It's all of the spammers -- we're sore overused!
So we're having to optimize traffic, my dear.
You wait a while there, while we fix it up here."

Then they gave Ewin-Lou a nice status report
And they sold her a tee-shirt, and took her to court
For being so cheek as to mock of their plight
And paying no mind to the Seuss copyright.
Wiseacreewin on April 8th, 2004 01:13 pm (UTC)
Tee-hee. I'm having a REALLY WEIRD DAY, today...